Cole Brown: social media guru…

…well, not quite. Not yet, at least.

Although I wouldn’t self proclaim myself as a guru, social media has played an essential role in my life for the past half-decade or so. While I have used Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all regularly, I have recently developed a fancy for LinkedIn as I continued to develop my professional career. These are my primary social media followings.

Facebook is my method of letting acquaintances, friends and family keep track of me, as I post important things that I feel are worth sharing with them. When I first started using social media, Facebook was my most frequently used outlet. But as the years have passed, I have found myself using Facebook much more sparingly.

Twitter—which is hands down my favorite and most frequently used social media outlet—is where I keep up with news, friends and sports. I have two primary twitter accounts: one that I use to follow exclusively sports writers, figures and websites, and a second account I use to follow friends and other news sites. Initially I used Twitter to tweet out sports opinions and to post links to articles that I wrote. Now, I’m more of a passive tweeter, as I primarily use Twitter as a place to find interesting articles and different opinions of the people I follow.

My use of Instagram is more private, as I infrequently post photos of myself with family/friends or at events.

Finally, I use my LinkedIn to try to develop connections with friends and colleagues in hopes of creating potential career opportunities both now and down the line.

The primary thing I like about social media is the feeling of connectedness. Social media is my way of staying in the loop with things happening, both in my own personal world and the greater world around me.

Furthermore, social media has granted me opportunities I would not have had otherwise. For example, my social presence on what is commonly referred to as “basketball twitter” landed me two writing gigs on reputable sites — Madtown Badgers and Behind the Buck Pass — during my early high school years.

I think the most challenging thing about social media is the search to find quality. There is an incredible amount of garbage on the internet, and it’s easy to get caught up in it if you’re not careful. Whether it’s “fake news”, click-bait, or just a “hot take” from a sports personality I follow, I am constantly using methods to weed out any of the garbage on my feeds in hopes of providing myself with the best social media experience possible.

I am hoping that JRM 327 will give me an enhanced understanding of social media and its purpose, functions and power. I am very interested in learning more about content marketing, as I feel it will give me a leg up in future career endeavors. I could not be more excited to begin this class and explore the world of social media.


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